February 6, 2011

Ray Stevens visits more Radio Stations...

On February 4th Ray was a guest on Jim Bohannon's radio program. In this interview link which runs nearly 2 hours you'll hear the host interview an author of a book dealing with radicals, terrorists, and other activity. You all can listen to the first guest's interview or fast-forward through it. Anyway, about 40 minutes into the link is when the host begins to focus on the next guest and the purpose of this fan-created blog page, Ray Stevens. The interview lasts 1 hour starting at the 40 minute mark and so Ray's on the show for the last 20 minutes of the first hour and then the first 40 minutes of the second hour. Throughout the interview the host takes calls from listeners and there's quite a few instances where they cite their favorite Ray Stevens song or mention they enjoyed a concert of his that they attended.

That is just one of the several radio interviews that Ray has given during what he's calling a radio tour. Tomorrow, February 7, he'll be featured on a radio program hosted by Martha Zoller. The listen-live link is located here. Those who stumble onto this link days/weeks/months from now will more than likely come across an inactive page. The radio program airs from 9am to 12pm. Ray will also give an interview on a Minnesota radio station, KLTF, which also takes place on February 7th. A link at Ray's web-site opens up to the morning show which airs 7am-10am Minnesota time. I have no idea if this interview will be available on-line or not or whether it'll be archived at their station for those who won't be able to hear it as it's taking place. These previous interviews have had listener call-in's and no doubt the other radio interviews taking place on Monday February 7th will be no different.

Much of the focus in these interviews centers around Ray's career first and foremost and then as listener's call-in we get to hear their stories about how various songs from Ray have been part of their lives. In one interview a listener called in and spoke about Ray's 1968 album, Even Stevens, and Ray remarked that he recently brought "Mr. Businessman" back into his concerts and now dedicates it to Bernie Madoff.

However, the other focal point of these interviews beyond Ray's career is the song he is currently promoting about the TSA, "The Skies Just Ain't Friendly Anymore". Those who have heard the song played during those radio interviews no doubt loved it...it's about a married couple's first visit to an airport and their introduction to the airport security procedures currently taking place under the mandate of the TSA. It's a catchy song and one that hits a nerve with a lot of fliers...and non-fliers alike. Those who pay attention to the news are no doubt aware of the pat-downs and full body scans that take place all in the name of security. The security procedures, seen by many as invasive and unnecessary, have even caused those non-fliers to not even attempt to fly since they have to put up with that kind of thing from the TSA.

In short, the song puts a comical twist on airport security. I've written a few blog entries about this song and I feel as if it'll be commercially available soon!! Hopefully news will come out this coming week about the song's availability.

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