August 18, 2014

Ray Stevens Gospel Collection, Part 3...

Hello all the fans of Ray Stevens! I'm not typically chipper on Monday's but this is an less than 24 hours the Ray Stevens Gospel Collection, Volume One is going to be officially released!! Yes, even at this late stage, you can still officially pre-order the CD. If you pre-order you can select One Day Shipping and it should arrive at your location on release day tomorrow (August 19th).

Here is the link to the CD's page at AMAZON. I still have no idea if this CD is going to be available for purchase in retail stores. Yesterday I seen a couple of CD's under the Gaither Gospel Series sitting on the CD rack at a local store and for a moment I wondered if Ray's upcoming gospel CD may become available in retail stores, too. I'm so used to his releases being exclusive to the internet that it'll be neat to actually see an all-new project from Ray sitting in the CD rack at the store. I'll check the Wal-Mart retail stores in my area on Tuesday and see if it's available. In a previous blog post I pondered the possibility that since the CD is available on the retail store's internet counterpart it may also become available in the retail store itself. I'll blog about my findings tomorrow as I visit some of the Wal-Mart retail stores in the area.

As most of you should already know, this is the CD you're to be on the lookout for starting tomorrow. If you're not into the whole pre-order thing and prefer to order CD's on their official release date then make sure this is the CD you place an order for. There are other releases on the market that feature gospel songs Ray recorded in his past and they're available under various titles all over the internet so be sure to look for this CD image. You may be wondering why I'm saying this since I've already posted an Amazon link that clearly shows the correct CD to purchase. The reason I'm saying it is because there are thieves out there that may, in the future, use this CD cover for an entirely different set of songs or some on-line store or auction site may erroneously place the songs from this CD onto an unrelated collection from the past, using an early picture of Ray, and obviously that kind of thing confuses the consumers. This CD has 12 songs on it and look for the Gaither Gospel Series branding up on the top left hand side of the CD. You can check the Amazon link for the songs found on this project. Also remember that this is Volume One of a 2-Volume series. The second volume is to be released at a later date.  

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