August 9, 2014

Ray Stevens: Rayality TV webisode 18...

Hello all! For me Friday happened to be more busier than usual and so I didn't get any extra time to upload the Rayality TV webisode from Friday. In the installment, portraying the fictional Reverend Ray once more, we are treated to a mini sermon and then the classic music videos of "Sittin' Up with the Dead" and "The Haircut Song".

In the first, taped in 1990 (the song was released that same year on the Lend Me Your Ears album), Ray tells the story of a man that has to sit up with a deceased uncle...but to his horror, the uncle sits up, too. "The Haircut Song", originally recorded in 1985, the music video came along a full fifteen years later in 2000.

The music video is of the single release radio edit. In the radio edit, verse 2 is omitted, and so there are only 2 visits to an out of town barbershop instead of the 3 visits originally heard in the unedited recording on his I Have Returned album (a Gold certified, #1 country music album in the early part of 1986).

"The Haircut Song" music video made it's debut on a VHS home video release called Funniest Video Characters in 2000. In this installment of Rayality TV, however, only the final barbershop visit is seen due to the barber being a preacher (to keep it tied to the overall religious theme of this installment).

If you want to see the entire music video of "The Haircut Song" click HERE.

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