August 15, 2014

Ray Stevens: Rayality TV webisode 19...

I'd like to start off this latest entry by announcing that this is my 800th blog post about Ray Stevens!! I don't know if there will be 800 more to come (!) but as long as Ray's active and I've got the inspiration to put together these commentaries and spread the word about the amazing career of Ray Stevens then we'll see how many more blog posts I come up with in the future.

I kind of have a feeling that I'm going to be busy here next week once Ray's Gospel Collection CD becomes available for purchase. It's been available for Pre-Order for several weeks but on August 19th (this coming Tuesday) the CD is to become available for purchase all over the internet. Some on-line stores don't offer pre-order. I have no idea if it'll be in retail stores or not. If you're a member of the Wal-Mart internet site you can currently pre-order The Gospel Collection CD for $9.00! You can read about it at the CD's product page located HERE.

The latest webisode of Rayality TV is this particular installment Ray is celebrating Christmas in August by spotlighting a couple music videos: "Redneck Christmas" and "Guilt For Christmas".

To find the latest blogs about Ray Stevens from fans such as myself and from other fans, simply Google the phrase "Ray Stevens blogs" and then under 'Search Tools' click the option of your choice and the latest blogs about Ray will show up. You can select 'Anytime', 'Past week', 'Past 24 Hours', 'Past Month', 'Past Year', etc. etc. This one, and the previous blog I did earlier today about Ray's half time appearance at the 1987 Liberty Bowl and the blog post from August 9th, are currently among the top search results in the 'Past week' selection (as of August 15th). So yes, there's a way around the deletion of the Google Blog search engine for those seriously interested in keeping up with the various blogs about Ray Stevens that pop up from time to time.

My next blog post should be this coming Tuesday on CD release day but, of course, if something comes up (like a surprise TV or radio interview prior to release day) I'll, of course, make a blog post about it.

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