August 2, 2014

Ray Stevens: Rayality TV webisode 17...

Good Saturday afternoon everyone...the latest webisode of Rayality TV hit the internet yesterday. In this webisode, Reverend Ray fills us in on "The Dooright Family". This Reverend Ray character debuted in the previous webisode titled P.R.A.Y TV.

Some history on this particular originated in 1980 on Ray's comedy album, Shriner's Convention. He recorded that album for RCA and it became a Top-10 album on the Country album chart. "Shriner's Convention", the single, became a Top-10 on the Country singles chart. "The Dooright Family", on the other hand, never seen an official commercial single release but it's become rather popular among Ray Stevens fans. The reason being is due to it's inclusion on several RCA compilation projects and it's inclusion on Ray's 1995 direct-to-home video movie, Get Serious!. That movie is where the music video originated from. I first heard "The Dooright Family" on the 1987 re-issue of Collector's Series. As I listened to the song I couldn't help but wonder why it never became as popular to a general audience as "Shriner's Convention" did. "The Dooright Family" is hysterical!!

Some recurring events heard in the song is Mama's out of control preaching about the sins and temptations of the world...preaching that seems to get tedious rather quickly for Daddy Dooright and he instructs Brother Virgil to try and calm her down and for her to simply play her piano.

You'll find yourself latching onto phrases like "bless your hearts" and "play the piano" and maybe as you're driving to and from a store, or work, you'll hear those lines in your head and you'll start laughing to yourself. Brother Therman's sermon is one of the highlights of the song as are the continuous urges for Mama to play the piano. A person has to either be deadly serious or highly picky in their choice of humor to not find this song hysterical.

The more dedicated of fans are sure to spot the brief lyrical change heard in the music video performance from 1995 and the audio recording from 1980. The change of lyrics happen in the last part of the song. I assume the reason for the alternate lyrics had to do with the difficulty (?) in visually bringing that part of the song to life and so the lyrics in that part of the song are changed. As said, if you're familiar with the song as it appears on Collector's Series and the Shriner's Convention album you'll easily detect the changed lyrics in the 1995 re-recording.

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