August 20, 2014

Ray Stevens Gospel Collection, Part 4...

Hello once more!! This is the fourth blog entry of mine to focus on Ray's gospel CD. It's release day happened to be yesterday. I didn't have the chance to post a blog entry yesterday but in case you're wondering, I didn't find any copies of Ray's CD at any of the local Wal-Mart stores. I ordered my copy of the Ray Stevens Gospel Collection yesterday and it should arrive at some point early next week!! Once I get my hands on it I'll post a blog about it! Ray has a purchase page available on his on-line store for CD orders of the current project. Earlier I had assumed that it would only be available on Amazon and on the various gospel music sites but then I seen it on Wal-Mart's site the other day and then I seen it on Ray's site yesterday. Remember, this collection has 12 recordings on it, and it's Volume One in a series. You can check the ordering information at Ray's webpage located HERE. It hasn't cracked the Top-100 sales ranks yet on Amazon but it's steadily climbing. At the moment the CD is ranked #1,838 (the highest it's been since becoming available for Pre-Order several weeks ago). Once I hear the collection and let it soak in I'll post a review of it here and on Amazon. I know of some fans that pre-ordered their CD and so chances are they'll get their copies ahead of mine. I'm going to try and stay away from reading other listener's opinions of the CD until I hear it for myself.

Here's an interview with Ray, conducted on Fox News Radio by Tonya J. Powers, that I came across earlier today on a social media site. He talks about his memoir, Nashville, among other things. The interview is a little more than 8 minutes. As of this writing, the page that I'll be linking to has an error on it so don't get alarmed. As of 9am this morning they mention that his book is being released on August 19th and that a gospel CD is to be released later in the year...but of course, you all know that the book became available several months ago and the gospel CD's release date was yesterday, August 19th. Aside from that the interview itself is great. You can hear it HERE.

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