February 24, 2015

Ray Stevens: All New Music Video... Taylor Swift is Stalking Me!

I came across an unexpected surprise this morning after I got home from work. I got onto the computer and did some searches for Ray's upcoming comedy CD, Here We Go Again, and I stumbled upon an unassuming link to a page purporting to be a Ray Stevens music video.

I typically don't click links or visit unfamiliar sites. Upon searching the internet for whatever tidbit I could find about Ray's upcoming CD, a project that's being released a month from now on March 24th, I came across a link to a music video called "Taylor Swift is Stalking Me" on the Vimeo video hosting site. On YouTube the video's unlisted...so the only way to see the music video is to visit Vimeo or go to Ray's Twitter page and click the most recent message about the video.

On the Vimeo site the video's gigantic. I had the video embedded here, re-sized of course, but considering it's an unlisted video on YouTube I decided to remove the video embed and wait until Ray's video goes live on YouTube before I embed it.

In the blog I posted yesterday I made mention of CD Universe having an incomplete track list for the upcoming CD as well as cover art, too. I pointed out that we now know the titles to 10 of the songs that are to be on the CD...and now, given this music video's debut about 15 hours ago, we now know the names of 11 songs that are to be on the CD. An fellow fan of Ray's informed me only minutes ago on a social media site that the CD's complete track list can be found on the All Music website.

I visited the page and here's the complete track list that'll appear on Ray's upcoming CD...

1. Taylor Swift is Stalking Me

2.  What'd I Say

3. There Must Be a Pill For This

4. Walkin' the Dog

5. Hearts Made of Stone

6. Pickin' on the Chicken

7. The Baptism of Stumpy Brown

8. Little By Little

9. You Didn't Build That

10. Come to the U.S.A.

11. A Handshake Will Do

12. Knock Him Out, John

It's anyone's guess as to the reason "Come to the U.S.A." is being included once more. The song originally hit in 2010 and it's been included on several compilations over the last couple of years...including placement on the 9-CD Encyclopedia project...and so seeing it among the 12 songs on here is a bit of a mystery. I'd have chosen the elusive "Red Hot Chili Cook Off" which, to date, hasn't appeared on any of Ray's CD's yet. It's available as a music video exclusive for the time being.

Once "Taylor Swift is Stalking Me" goes live on YouTube I'll embed it in a future blog post. You can visit Ray's Twitter page HERE. The video embed showing the 3 nurses is the one that you'll want to click. The previous upload of the video, featuring Ray on the telephone, was removed and is no longer available.

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