February 24, 2015

Ray Stevens: Taylor Swift is Stalkin' Me...

Hello one and all...as promised in my PREVIOUS blog post I mentioned that if Ray's music video should go live on YouTube I'd embed it here on my fan created blog page. As of this writing the video's gotten a little more than 300 unique views.

As usual I decided to embed the video so you can see it directly from this page rather than visit the YouTube page itself. Although, at the moment, there's only a couple of comments I've got a nagging feeling that given the subject matter the comment area for this video may turn into a flame war at some point and if you prefer to stay above the fracas then simply enjoy the video from this blog page or visit Ray's Facebook PAGE and view it there.

A couple of minutes ago Ray announced that he'll be a guest on SiriusXM Satellite radio's Willie's Roadhouse on February 26th...that's this coming Thursday. It airs at 8am Eastern time but then repeats Friday at 11am on Channel 59. Ironically, Ray mentioned that the appearance is to promote his memoir and his Gospel CD from last year. I assume he'll also make mention of the upcoming CD that's due to hit a month from now on March 24th, Here We Go Again. Those that have satellite radio be sure to tune in Thursday or Friday. Perhaps an audio link may become available for those that aren't able to hear the interview.

In the meantime, enjoy the brand new Ray Stevens music video "Taylor Swift is Stalkin' Me".

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