February 8, 2015

Ray Stevens: Book signings in Georgia...

Hello once more to all the fans of Ray Stevens! Based on the commentary on Ray's Facebook page, the book signing in Chattanooga, Tennessee yesterday (February 7th) had a good turn out, as I believed it would. Ray posted an image of himself signing a copy of his memoir, Ray Stevens' Nashville, and had an issue of Chattanooga Now sitting off to the side. The local paper featured a promo of the upcoming book signing and it featured a picture of Ray from a recent photo shoot. If you Google the paper's name and also include 'Ray Stevens' in the search box you'll be able to find the February 5th promo article for yesterday's book signing. I mention that for those that like to read/save articles about Ray Stevens.

It's been unveiled that Ray Stevens is to appear at three more book signings. This time around he'll be appearing at 3 different book stores in 2 days.

On Saturday February 14th Ray is to be in Alpharetta, Georgia at the Barnes and Noble store at 12pm noon. He'll be there for roughly 2 hours.

Here's the Barnes and Noble promo page for the EVENT.

Then, shortly afterwards, he'll make his way to Norcross, Georgia for a book signing at a Barnes and Noble store at 3pm. I couldn't find a promo page for that particular book signing.

But, yes, you read that correctly...he'll be making 2 book signing appearances on the same day.

I've heard that the 2 towns are within 10 miles of one another and so logistically it should be no problem getting from one locale to the next.

Then, on Sunday February 15th Ray is to appear at a Barnes and Noble book signing in Augusta, Georgia at 1pm at the Augusta Mall.

If any of you live anywhere near those towns I'd not pass up the chance at having Ray sign a copy of his memoir and have a picture taken, at least some people have posted pictures of themselves and Ray from book signings in the past, and so I assume all of the book signing venues will allow a picture to be taken. It's the closest thing to a meet and greet.

If you don't have his memoir, yet, there are going to be copies of it for sale at the book signing. Ordinarily I'd post a link to where you can purchase his book but I'm afraid it wouldn't arrive before the 14th or 15th of this month and so if you don't have a copy, as I mentioned, you can purchase one at the book signing.

Wouldn't it be neat if he did a book signing in Hahira, Georgia?? In 1980 the Georgia town of Hahira became the focal point of his comedy hit, "Shriner's Convention", and the town was later mentioned in several other comedy songs Ray recorded. Even the viking that Ray sang about in 1984, "Erik the Awful", comically plundered his way through Hahira, Georgia of all places.

Upcoming Book Signings:

February 14th: Alpharetta, Georgia (Barnes and Noble "Mansell Crossings"; 12noon)

February 14th: Norcross, Georgia (Barnes and Noble "The Forum"; 3pm)

February 15th: Augusta, Georgia (Barnes and Noble "Augusta Mall"; 1pm)

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