February 27, 2015

Ray Stevens: The Taylor Swift music video...

Hello once again...it's been a couple of days since the debut of the Ray Stevens music video "Taylor Swift is Stalkin' Me". In my previous blog entry I mentioned that the video had, at that point, obtained a little more than 300 unique views. The video's gotten a lot more views since then...a whole lot more! The tally so far is 38,988!!

You can see Ray's video HERE.

At the moment I'm waiting on a couple of items to arrive in the mail. I ordered the vinyl copies of 1983's Greatest Hits and 1985's Collector's Series. Each of those compilation albums were issued on RCA and for the longest time I only had them in cassette format. About 10 years ago I purchased a CD copy of Collector's Series...but now I'm finally going to get the vinyl copies. I don't have a CD copy of Greatest Hits, though...but it'll be nice to get the vinyl album.

As a friendly reminder...I never publish comments on this fan created blog page that are off-topic, comments that include personal e-mail addresses in their reply, or comments that attack or are critical of Ray Stevens and his music. This is a positive, festive, informative, and happy place...I won't publish negative criticisms or race-baiting commentary of any kind that might be left by visitors.

Now that that's out of the way...on to more happier thoughts like this... look for the upcoming Ray Stevens album, Here We Go Again!, on sale March 24th!!

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