February 23, 2015

Ray Stevens: New CD coming March 24, 2015...

Hello once more! This is my third blog entry focusing on an upcoming CD from Ray Stevens. The project is titled Here We Go Again and it's scheduled to be released on March 24th and so we're nearly a month away from getting some new Ray Stevens recordings to add to our collections. In my previous blog entry about the CD I left a link to Amazon's product page. As of today the product page still doesn't have an image of the CD cover. Amazon also doesn't carry a digital copy (Mp3).

Several days ago I ventured over to another on-line store, CD Universe, and I did a search for Ray's CD and not only does the on-line store offer it for pre-order, too, but CD Universe provides the CD's cover image!! If that isn't great enough the product page also lists some of the songs are to be on the upcoming project! I'm a bit puzzled as to why the product page doesn't list all of the songs.

You can click the CD Universe LINK and see some of the song titles that are to be on the upcoming release and see if you're also puzzled as to the reason the track list leaves out certain selections. One track not listed is "Pickin' on the Chicken", a song that Bill Cody played on his radio program several weeks ago during a guest appearance from Ray. So, once you look over the 9 song titles listed on the CD Universe product page add the omitted "Pickin' on the Chicken" to that list, too.

The bottom line is we now know the names of 10 of the songs that are to be on the CD. One song I can't wait to hear, based on it's title, is "There Must Be a Pill For This". As mentioned in a previous blog, there's a possibility that "Red Hot Chili Cook-Off" is among the songs on this upcoming CD even though it's not listed on CD Universe's incomplete track list.

Although Amazon is the leader in on-line music sales, CD Universe is offering more detailed information (cover art, select song titles, Mp3 and CD availability, etc.). It's your personal choice which on-line store you choose to pre-order the CD. Also, you can always wait until it becomes available at Ray's website store. I'm surprised that this CD hasn't been promoted heavily on his own website with banners and announcements...considering it's only a month until release day.

Perhaps the publicity will start in full swing later this month or at the very least early March...and as it stands there's not too many days left in February...so publicity for this CD should be right around the corner...

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