February 5, 2015

Ray Stevens new CD available for Pre-Order...

Hello fans of Ray Stevens! Earlier today I learned that the upcoming CD from Ray Stevens, Here We Go Again, is available for pre-order at Amazon. As of this writing there is no image of the actual CD on the product page. I assume this is going to change the more closer it gets to release day.

In several of the articles that I've shared here the information has recently given a mid-February release time for the CD but Amazon lists the CD's release date as March 24th. In the interview he did last month on Bill Cody's radio program a March release date had been mentioned so it's hard to tell the reason some of the articles I've shared have stated a vague mid-February release date.

The Amazon product page can be accessed by clicking HERE.

Interestingly the label listed is something called Mri Associated. I looked them up and they're affiliated with Sony, the company that's distributing Ray's CD. In the articles I previously shared it mentioned an imprint called Player Records and it was described as a label that Ray owns...and so more than likely the CD's going to have multiple representation much like his previous gospel CD did. That particular gospel CD featured the logo's of Ray's Clyde Records and of Bill Gaither's company on prominent display.

To date I'm still only aware of two songs that are to be on the CD: "Pickin' on the Chicken" and "The Baptism of Stumpy Brown". There's not been any publicity surrounding the CDs eventual release or any leaks making their way to any social media site.

I know it's just February 5th but I'm often anxious, which may be taken as impatience, when it comes to something new from Ray Stevens. I don't know if other fans are like this but once I get a new CD from Ray Stevens and glance over the song titles I wonder to myself, based on the song titles, how the song is going to be performed and what the story's going to be about. Some of Ray's fans in my social media circle have speculated that perhaps some of Ray's previous recordings that haven't appeared on CD yet may be included in this upcoming release...that's certainly possible. "Red Hot Chili Cook-Off", for example, came along in 2013 as a YouTube music video but it's never been available on a CD. It's gotten over 200,000 unique views so far.

The seasonal "Merry Christmas", I doubt, is going to make an appearance on the upcoming CD but one never can tell. There are a couple of political music videos that surfaced during the 2014 election cycle that I doubt make an appearance on the upcoming CD...at least I can't imagine the recordings making an appearance. I assume he'll include "If You Like Your Plan" and "Nero Fiddled" on some politically oriented project later this year or in 2016...or the songs may remain as YouTube videos only and never make it to CD.

If you're wanting to pre-order the upcoming comedy CD from Amazon don't forget to click the link near the top of this blog entry. Maybe if the CD gets sufficient enough pre-orders it's release date will be moved up. If I come across more information about the CD I'll of course make mention of it during a future blog post. In a couple of days Ray is to appear at a book signing in Chattanooga, Tennessee. I mentioned it in my previous blog post but I'll leave a link to the upcoming appearance HERE considering the book signing is to take place this coming Saturday, February 7th.

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