February 27, 2015

Ray Stevens: Here We Go Again! CD song list...

Hello once more...yes, a second blog entry on the same day. I usually don't post 2 blog entries on the same day anymore...back in the early years of this blog I'd do something like that but during the last couple of years I keep the entries a little more under control. The current music video from Ray Stevens, "Taylor Swift is Stalking Me", is sitting at 39,900 unique views. It should briskly reach the 40,000 plateau soon...

***Numbers Update***

I have Ray's video comment page at YouTube opened up in another tab and every so often I click the refresh button to see the updated totals. As of this writing the music video has indeed reached the 40,000 level...the ever changing tally is now at 40,209 unique views...

In case you missed one my recent blog posts, I provided the complete list of songs that are to be on the upcoming Here We Go Again! CD.

1. Taylor Swift is Stalking Me

2.  What'd I Say

3. There Must Be a Pill For This

4. Walkin' the Dog

5. Hearts Made of Stone

6. Pickin' on the Chicken

7. The Baptism of Stumpy Brown

8. Little By Little

9. You Didn't Build That

10. Come to the U.S.A.

11. A Handshake Will Do

12. Knock Him Out, John

Tracks Five, Eight, and Nine may be serious recordings. I'm basing my opinion on the title's of those songs but it's difficult to guess, exactly, if a song is going to be comical or non-comical. Track 12 is going to be about the late Jerry Clower. I'm surprised it's taken this long to put out a recording saluting the southern comic (Clower passed away in August 1998) but as Ray often says of himself, and I'm paraphrasing: "I'm a procrastinator...I keep putting things off, and putting things off".

Don't procrastinate, though, when it comes to this CD...it's due out March 24th...you can pre-order the CD at all of the major music stores. If you desire a digital version you can pre-order the Mp3 version, too, by clicking this LINK. The music, of course, isn't going to be delivered to your computer until official release day. Once you visit Amazon's Mp3 page, notice the slight difference in artwork. The image being used to promote the digital copy of the CD presents much more sharper looking graphics...his name has more red highlights and the plane is positioned at a different angle. Also, the title of the CD is in a different font and the sign that the gorilla is holding is different. Instead of my descriptions...it's easier just to compare/contrast the images side by side...

I don't know the significance with having alternate cover art/graphics...aesthetically I prefer the image that appears on the right. The image on the left has everything in reverse. Maybe the image on the left appears on the back of the CD and the image on the right appears on the front of the CD? The limo is pointed in different directions, too, and the airport imagery is visibly different in each photo. I wonder which photo/cover art is to appear on the CD I pre-ordered on Amazon the other day!?!

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