May 23, 2010

As Hot As an Arizona desert...Funny Man Ray Stevens!!

Ray Stevens is as hot as an Arizona desert right now!!! Since my last blog entry on the 20th of May, the Ray Stevens illegal immigration music video, "Come to the USA", has quickly accumulated over half a million hits on You Tube. The current hit count, as of now, is 831,103 in 10 days time. It only needs 168,897 hits to enable the music video to achieve million play status. The reason why I use the word 'only' is because with the way the video has been racking up the play totals it shouldn't take long for the video to cross the million play promiseland. One would think a video that can rack up more than 300,000 hits in 2 days time can certainly amass over 165,000 in no time at all. Should the video hit a million it would be Ray's second video on You Tube to accomplish this. The first music video of Ray's to accomplish this was "We The People", which set the Ray Stevens train in full gear back in December 2009. That music video, as you all I assume are aware of, went on to reach a million hits on You Tube and then it reached two million hits...and then a couple of months later it had obtained three million hits. The official play total as of now is 3,087,110.

In between "We The People" and "Come to the USA" there were three music videos released and each of them all obtained viral status but neither of them hit the stratosphere of "We The People". The first of three music videos arrived in early 2010 and it was a military video, "Thank You". This video has gotten 129,119 hits so far. The next upload from Ray was a song about Sarah Palin, "Caribou Barbie". This video has a hit count of 101,635. After ObamaCare was signed into law Ray uploaded a reply: "Throw the Bums Out!". This politically charged music video has received 159,098 hits so far.

After Ray issued his new album, We The People, he uploaded a commercial...and this commercial has gotten 17,386 hits.

When illegal immigration became the hot news item...specifically during Arizona's drafting of a bill that eventually became law concerning illegal immigration...all of the sudden, for Ray Stevens, it was like a member of the defense in a football team having a pick 6. In football terms a "pick 6" is slang for an interception returned for a touchdown. Anyway, by sheer coincidence, Ray had recorded a song about illegal immigration for his recently released We The People album. While listening to the album I was being entertained by the various songs and then I heard "Come to the USA" and thought to myself that it's just another hilarious recording from Ray. Little did any of us Ray fans know how the subject matter of illegal immigration would become so huge in the weeks following the album's release in early April. So, without any warning, Ray found himself with a hit on his hands out of pure coincidence and a music video soon followed.

"Come to the USA", as I pointed out in a couple of other blog entries, was issued as a music video due to the timeliness of the subject matter and it's payed off big time with nearly a million hits on You Tube and the We The People album sitting high in the Top-20 on the Amazon sales lists.

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