May 28, 2010

Ray Stevens at 1.5 million and Climbing

The success of the latest music video from Ray Stevens, "Come to the USA", continues to build as it shows 1.5 million hits on You Tube. It's no longer a distant possibility of the video topping 2 million hits in a month's time considering that the actual play count of 1,583,982 has been obtained in 2 weeks time...who's to say the music video won't obtain the 400,000+ hits in another 2 weeks time? If it does go beyond the 2 million mark in a month's time it will match "We The People". In a recent interview Ray remarked that a lot of people feel the latest music video, "Come to the USA", will actually top "We The People". Time will tell...that music video is currently resting at 3.1 million hits and practically every other day someone pops up on Twitter, for example, with a link to the music video and using language to suggest the person just came across the video on You Tube all these months later. The "We The People" video was uploaded on You Tube early in December 2009 but without fail someone discovers the video almost on a daily basis. This isn't a bad thing, either. I imagine a singer with music videos on You Tube doesn't mind which videos of theirs are being viewed...just as long as they're being viewed.

Ray's emphasis is primarily on the music videos that have become viral hits on You Tube...songs that are featured on his current album, We The People. Lost in the overwhelming success of the You Tube videos is the actual album itself. It's been a Top-10 Mp3 success on Amazon's web-site for a couple of weeks now but there's not really been any official sales numbers released and as of this writing it hasn't charted in Billboard. I have no idea if it's because the album is released on an Independent label or if it's because of policies at Billboard which prevent it from gaining exposure on their national music charts. I had these same scenarios playing around in my mind earlier this year when Ray issued the "We The People" single and how successful it was at the various on-line music stores, achieving Top-5 sales rankings for several weeks, but yet it never shown up on any digital single chart published in Billboard. Perhaps this album needs to be issued to retail stores at some point? I remember back when Ray was selling the home videos on television those projects never entered Billboard's video charts until they became available in retail stores nearly a year later. His 1992, 1993, and 1995 home video projects charted in 1993, 1994, and 1996. If there is a retail plan in the works I don't think Ray will wait until 2011 to re-release We The People, though. If I were in charge of product release I'd wait until August/September and then try and get the collection into retail stores...that way it would be in stores a couple of months before the mid-term elections. We'll wait and see what actually happens, though.

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