May 14, 2010

"Come To the USA" suggests Ray Stevens, Volume Two...

As I had hoped and championed for several weeks now, Ray Stevens has emerged with a new music video focusing on the illegal immigration topic that's been a hot news item for a little less than a month. I had written an earlier blog entry with a similar title...that was when I first heard this song on the We The People album. When I heard it I loved it...and then a few weeks later illegal immigration is all over the news in a big way and several of us wished that this song would become a You Tube music video and sure enough it has!!

In the music video, Ray offers a lot of sight gags...especially the name of the airline when he sings about Arabia. This is also a music video that allows Ray to get even more visually creative as he uses the split screen camera trick by having three images of himself on-screen singing/scat-singing at the same time. He did a similar thing on his "Freddy Feelgood" music video from 1999 where five images of himself all appeared at the same time on screen, interacting with one another

Illegal immigration isn't a new phenomenon but the fact that Arizona passed a law combating the problem opened the flood gates for a barrage of protests, boycotts, racial insinuations, racial accusations, and all around chaos in southern Arizona and in other places across the country who have decided to make political statements concerning the State law. Rational thinkers don't play the race card but nevertheless there's a fear among quite a few that police will go rogue and break the law and start racial profiling any chance they get. Talk about faith in the police! Wow!

The bottom line is the liberals and the progressives are fanning the flames based upon an unproven fear of what could happen if, for example, a lone cop acts on his own and decides to play Mr Enforcer without any regard for the Arizona law. If anything, the Arizona law has caused the Federal Government to tackle illegal immigration whether they want to or not. News of other states following Arizona's example are popping up as well...what will happen with those states is anybody's guess, though. Hindsight is easy...if the Arizona law proves to be a success and not a law mired in racial profiling I bet other states will gladly follow Arizona. However, in the worst case scenario, you can believe that no other state will tackle the subject again.

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