August 29, 2010

Ray Stevens Fans Unite...

No, it's not what you're thinking. I don't officially have a Ray Stevens Appreciation Society up and running...but I do consider myself and a handful of others as members of this imaginary society. It's more or less an honorary kind of society in that there's no actual society of members who meet in person but instead it's a collective cyber-space group of like-minded Ray Stevens fans who until today had no idea I had selected them to my fictitious group. The imaginary group contains several real people who've demonstrated that they're just as crazy for Ray Stevens music as I am. Those people I'm referring to should already know who they are without my having to reveal who's who. A hint: Anyone who receives e-mails from me discussing Ray Stevens music and history. You're all members of this imaginary group of mine. I'm sure this made their day and they're excited beyond belief while jumping up and down.

Hmmm, I wonder how Ray was able to get that candy cane in one ear and out the other?

Seriously, though, I came across an article on Ray Stevens written several weeks ago...August 13th to be exact. The article was moderately didn't have any overly negative commentary but it wasn't a gushy article either. Obviously as Ray Stevens fans we prefer the gushy, positive articles and interviews featuring Ray Stevens. The article examined Ray's success with You Tube music videos...making reference to "Come to the USA" and "God Save Arizona". Focusing on those two songs, in particular, made sense because the article was written for an Arizona-based news organization. The actual article including a video of "God Save Arizona" can be found here. There are a lot of user comments at the bottom of the article and predictably there's a lot of bickering back and fourth but that's come to be expected given the intensity of the song's message. Personally I don't see why anyone would have a bad thing to say about the song but there are plenty who have problems with it.

147,374 hits have accumulated so far for "God Save Arizona". I feel that it still needs that big push to really send the video into the stratosphere and approach half a million status and higher. That big push will no doubt be a high profile interview or some sort of other high profile publicity on Fox News or elsewhere. It's only been available for almost three weeks so it's still relatively new...but if you're like I am you usually want the most latest offering from Ray Stevens to quickly gain a lot of notice...not saying that this video hasn't gained some notice...but it has some ways to go before it reaches that 500,000 and higher club.

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