August 12, 2010

Ray Stevens...God Save Arizona

Congratulations are in order as Ray Stevens' latest music video, "God Save Arizona", is nearing 50,000 hits on You Tube. The song has struck a chord with the pros and cons as his previous string of songs all have. In other's shaping up to be another polarizing music video. You'd think by now the liberal left in this country would get over the whole racism argument but yet that's apparently all they know how to do is call people racists. The latest silliness from the left-wing is to charge this video with being racially motivated...once again, as they did with Ray's illegal immigration video, "Come To the USA", they've resorted to their tried and true formula of deflecting the real message by labeling it racist. The real message in this latest song, "God Save Arizona", is a genuine concern from a large majority of people who oppose the amnesty-driven, passive stance on illegal immigration that's been adopted by both political parties to a large extent until recently. The song comes right out and asks God to help save Arizona from the federal Government.

The use of World War Two and the U.S.S. Arizona as a metaphor in describing the war-like atmosphere on the Arizona border is the hook of the song...there's nothing racist about the song or the video...but without fail because Mexico borders Arizona you have all these left-wing nuts crying "racism" and all kinds of other nonsense. It seems like to me that they cry racism at the first opportunity. I won't hold my breath expecting the far left liberals out there to change their tune or pass up the opportunity to play the race's in their blood, I think.

Of course, you all don't need me to warn you of the on-coming attacks and name calling being passed Ray Stevens' way. One of the things that the race baiting liberals like to do is zero in on the ethnicity of a person...because Mexico borders Arizona chances are 99.9% of the illegals are going to be Mexican. Liberals need to wake up and thicken their skin a little bit and accept the fact that Mexico borders Arizona...and they need to stop accusing everyone of being racists simply because we wish the illegal immigration madness would end. YES, the Mexican illegal immigrants...they illegally cross the border from Mexico into Arizona. YES, they're Mexican...they're doesn't get anymore crystal clear than that. But, again, you have these liberals who want to deflect the real problem and dress it up as some sort of backhanded racism. In a liberal's mind we're all anti-Mexican. They fail to see the difference between crossing the border legally and illegally. Don't even get me started on those who use emotion to trump common sense...there are people out there who take the attitude "oh those poor immigrants...they just want a better life". BALONEY!! If they want a better life they should go through the proper channels instead of slipping across the border illegally.

Lastly...amidst all of the race talk and race baiting that seems to take place in the liberal blogs let's not forget what "God Save Arizona" is all about. In the lyrics we hear that Arizona can handle the illegals and all of the protests from the progressives but the state needs help from some higher place to save it from the wrath of the federal Government. That's the whole song in a nut-shell.

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  1. There are so many revelations in our minds, when we take a problem and see just how minute our problems are, usually compared to other people. It's good to learn a lesson. This video points out alot of Geographical research as well as Historical. It also brings back the beauty of places I saw at a young age in the scuptures of places such as "The Painted Dessert" and other landmarks through the West, that shows the
    wonderment of a Creator and the beauty contain within I remembered how as a young girl we took a "prop plane down into the Grand Canyon. We should concern ourselves with pride as being in favor, I can see why we are proud to be Citizens of this great country. The way we must sometimes apply Einstien's theory with our problems searching for reasonable concusions, one end of the spectum to the other. Answers so everyone gets a chance at happiness. Before you jump down someone's throat like Ray Stevens, maybe you should first know that he stands for those that won't or can't bring themselves to express themselves, there feelings adequately, but makes sense to so many of us, in so many different ways. You want to be in this country you can, just do it legally, not useing people.


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