August 30, 2010

Let's Discuss Ray Stevens, Part Four...

Is it Monday morning already?? The weekend always seems to fly by for some reason or another. The latest numbers for "God Save Arizona" is 152,279.

The Emmy awards were held last night...I would've given several belated Emmy awards to Ray Stevens. I would've created a category titled Best Documentary and awarded it to The Life and Times of Ray Stevens. This particular special aired on The Nashville Network in the late 1990's. I want to say 1998 but it could have easily been 1999...perhaps 1997? The second award I would've created is Best Summer Variety Show and of course I would've given it to The Ray Stevens Show, also known as Andy Williams Presents Ray Stevens???. The summer show aired in 1970 and unfortunately there have not been any VHS or DVD releases of this program. I have to believe that tapes of the shows still exist...some of the clips from the show aired on that Life and Times special. Someday I hope episodes of Ray's show make it to DVD...they'd really be a fun thing to see particularly for those like myself born later in the 1970's and have no recollection of seeing the show when it was on the air. I've only seen clips and still photographs...but from what I've seen it definitely deserves an Emmy.

The third award I'd give Ray would be the Best Guest Appearance for his appearance in a 1977 episode of Dolly Parton's television program. Afterward there would be several more awards handed out recognizing his guest appearances on Pop! Goes the Country as well as Hee-Haw throughout the late '70s and into the 1980's. His daytime appearance in 1981 on the soap opera, Texas, would certainly garner Best Guest Appearance on a Soap Opera by a Singer. His guest starring role in The Fall Guy would also be awarded Best Guest Role from a Singer playing a Singer. His direct-to-video movie, Get Serious, would've been awarded a special Emmy award in the category of Best of Both Worlds the Oscar and Emmy come Together. In the category of Best Current Events Appearance I'd give Ray the Emmy for his appearances on Bill O'Reilly's program as well as the appearance on Megyn Kelly's program. Each program airs on the Fox News Channel.

Unfortunately, though, I'm not the one who decides who gets awards and who doesn't. Ray has won plenty of awards through the years, though. Some out there assume he hasn't won any awards because you won't find his name in the winners lists of the CMA, ACM, or AMA organizations. Ray's awards are tied mostly to the fan-voted Music City News awards of the 1980's and 1990's. Ray was named the Music City News Comedian of the Year nine consecutive times: 1986-1994. This awards show was also a place where he performed quite a few times and he co-hosted the Songwriter's version of the awards several times as well. Music City News also put on a Top Hits of the Year program which would salute the biggest hits of the previous year. There were several times where Ray co-hosted this program with other country music acts. Those who watched The Nashville Network during the 1980's certainly got a big dose of Ray Stevens due to his frequent appearances on the variety of programs that the network aired. Ray was also the winner of two Grammy awards: 1970's "Everything Is Beautiful" and 1975's "Misty". I hadn't even began to mention the Gold and Platinum albums, singles, and home videos he's racked for those who assume Ray hadn't gotten his share of awards should take comfort in the fact that he's been awarded a lot of times down through the years.

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