July 25, 2011

Ray Stevens and Obama Money, Part 10...

As I predicted yesterday, the Ray Stevens "Obama Budget Plan" video has crossed the four hundred thousand mark on it's three month anniversary. The exact view count for the on-line video is 400,698. Given that today, July 25, marks the video's third month of on-line availability and it's gotten more than 400,000 views in that time it works out to more than 100,000 views per month. The Spirit of '76 collection, which contains "Obama Budget Plan" and quite a few others, gets it's major CD distribution release on August 9.

The collection, as most of you perhaps already know, was originally released in Mp3 format several months ago but it was released without much fanfare. I assume the August 9th release will come complete with fanfare and publicity...and let's not forget that on August 1st Ray Stevens is to be on Eddie Stubbs radio program on WSM.

Edit: 7/26/11: I just left WSM's web-site and they now have a promo ad for the upcoming Ray Stevens interview. Here's a link giving a brief description of the event...

Intimate Evening.

I heard a radio show the other day whose host lamented the fact that the budget was a hot topic. The host even complained that the topic is tedious and a surefire way to turn off listeners and he apologized for talking about it. I didn't keep the radio tuned to the show to find out if the host continued on that sour road or not.

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