July 4, 2011

Ray Stevens on Hee-Haw, Part 2!!

In a previous blog in February of this year I did a review of a 1972 episode of Hee-Haw with Ray Stevens as a guest star. It was the first episode of the 1972-1973 season. As you may know one of the video clips of his two performances that were available on You Tube have been taken off-line. "Turn Your Radio On" is currently still on-line but "Along Came Jones" was removed.

Ray would make a second appearance on the show several weeks later in 1972 but then wouldn't make a return visit for a couple of seasons. As I mentioned in previous blog entries Ray didn't appear annually on Hee-Haw until the '80s and from that point forward you could count on seeing him as a guest and later, guest host, on numerous episodes throughout the '80s. I've seen episodes in later years where Ray performed "Shriner's Convention" and "Love Me Longer" on a 1980 episode. There were episodes I saw where he performed "Can He Love You Half as Much as I?", "Would Jesus Wear a Rolex?", "The Flies of Texas Are Upon You", "Sex Symbols", "Barbeque", and "Where Do My Socks Go?".

I know he's appeared on more episodes and sang more songs than those on Hee-Haw but I never became knowledgeable about Ray until the mid '80s and so that's where my memory dates back to. The 1980 episode with Ray as a guest is something I watched on The Nashville Network in the mid 1990's back when the network was on the air and had added the reruns of the show onto their line-up.

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