July 29, 2011

Ray Stevens and Obama Money, Part 11...

In a jump of nearly 20,000 on-line views in two days time we see that the Ray Stevens music video of "Obama Budget Plan" now sits with 424,772 views. I was hoping that there would be a spike in the total of on-line views and with the debt ceiling and all of the bickering going on between the House and the Senate...in addition to the in-party bickering...Ray's music video clearly demonstrates the irony in the whole ordeal. The song's title is also a sarcastic reference to the fact that Obama, himself, doesn't even have any plan when it comes to slashing Government spending or balancing the budget...all he knows how to do is spend and spend and spend...which is why, as a joke, the "Obama Budget Plan" refers to a situation where a person spends and spends and spends without responsibility for their actions. Up until January 2011 Obama was able to get any spending bill he wanted passed in Congress since his party controlled both chambers of Congress throughout 2009 and 2010. Since January 2011 it's not been so easy (which is a good thing!).

As I touched upon in previous blog entries the Senate half of Congress (controlled by Democrats) has already said that the House version of the debt ceiling bill will die on the Senate floor. Obama wants a "long-term debt ceiling" bill...as we already know this isn't because he has a concern about the nation's economy (given his penchant for big spending). His goals are purely political. He doesn't want the debt ceiling or the budget or anything else that shows him to be the irresponsible big spender that he truly is...he doesn't want that to be on the minds of voters in 2012.

The Harry Reid version of the debt ceiling bill that Obama shows a lot more favoritism to would create a scenario that enables the debt and budget topic to be dismissed as a non-issue in 2012. If Reid's bill were to be signed into law somehow it would take the Government spending and debt off the table as a campaign issue in 2012. There's still ObamaCare, though, and the more things come out about that travesty the worse off the President becomes. Anyway, this debt ceiling controversy and the two very different bills clearly show that the Republicans have some sort of a plan to cut spending while the Senate simply wants to pass a bill that doesn't cut much of anything but would take the issue out of the headlines for political reasons. You'll never convince me the big spending Democrat party are now all of the sudden budget hawks and have fiscal responsibility. Democrats who pop up on TV, who clearly have a record of big spending but now preach fiscal responsibility since it benefits the President, is tough to stomach a lot of times.

Latest poll numbers show his approval ratings in the gutter...but I'm sure his Administration will cite an obscure poll that shows him to have the highest approval ratings of any President in history. In case you hadn't heard, his Administration likes to tout him as the greatest of all-time. It's laughable, yes, but scary when you realize his Administration truly believes it. The only thing in my opinion that the President is great at being is a narcissist and a class warfare advocate. His anger at BP during the Gulf Oil Spill is something that a lot of us would hope to see him display at America's true enemies...and terrorists at home and abroad...but no...Obama appears to coddle the enemy while taking great delight in humiliating a business. It really doesn't matter to me if BP was at fault or not...the facts are clear that given the opportunity to tear down a business or trash a business Obama goes for the jugular but when having the opportunity to trash and belittle America's real enemies, not an oil company that made a mistake, he's strangely quiet and carries a "I don't want to be bothered by that stuff" attitude.

It's hard to tell where the debt ceiling and the budget talks go from here. Earlier on July 29th the House passed the debt ceiling bill that John Boehner's been supporting...but Harry Reid has vowed to kill it once it enters the Senate. Meanwhile, Reid's version of the debt ceiling bill is most surely going to fail to generate votes in the House and so in the end we're back where we started.

In the meantime, enjoy Ray Stevens' "Obama Budget Plan"...you can watch the video here and can purchase the song on Ray's current CD, the Spirit of '76, which can be purchased at his web-site or you can purchase the Mp3 download at Amazon. The CD version of the collection won't be released until August 9th on Amazon...but the CD version is available at Ray's web-site for purchase now.

As a reminder...Ray Stevens will be heard on WSM radio August 1st between 7-9pm Central time, 8-10pm Eastern time. He'll be appearing on a recurring program hosted by Eddie Stubbs at the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum called Intimate Evenings.

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