July 27, 2011

Ray Stevens and the Debt ceiling...

As the debt ceiling and all things budget heat up again Ray Stevens' latest hit video, "Obama Budget Plan", satirizes the federal Government's over-spending. The video's gotten 407,089 views to date. This is an increase of nearly 7,000 views in a day and a half. I'd love to see this video reach half a million views by mid August. It certainly has the potential...unless Ray comes up with a new music video by then!?

In true ironic fashion the video shows a family who take their cues from the Government...so the dad gets him a printing press and soon thereafter he makes tons of money, literally. The video shows the consequences of the family's money making scheme...watch until the end to see the irony play out.

As I mentioned in a previous blog entry...Ray Stevens will appear on WSM radio on August 1st. The time is 7-9pm Central (8-10pm Eastern). The program is called Intimate Evenings and it's hosted by Eddie Stubbs. I've known of Eddie for more than 10 years and in anything that he's a part of you can bet there's going to be a lot of interesting information and knowledge going out to all the listeners.

The show is held at the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum. I've heard several of the past episodes down through the years...each contains a small audience...and so Ray will have the chance to play off an audience during the 2 hour program. The tickets to the event are only available in extremely limited quantities and can only be "won" by calling the station at a certain time...last night as I was driving to work I picked up WSM on my car radio and heard Eddie give away tickets to the show. He often encourages people to call in if they know for certain that they'll be able to attend.

The Intimate Evening link gives a brief explanation of the event. The link gives a person the chance to win tickets to the show as well. Given that today is Wednesday and this coming Monday is August 1st that leaves only 3 more business days until the show. There's the rest of today, then there's Thursday and Friday.

"Obama Budget Plan", "The Skies Just Ain't Friendly Anymore", and "God Save Arizona" are just three of the wonderful songs on his current CD, Spirit of '76.

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