July 11, 2011

Ray Stevens and Obama Money, Part 9...

So far 368,333 people have seen the Ray Stevens music video, "Obama Budget Plan". According to the latest statistics 1,670 people have given the video a thumbs up while 75 have given it a thumbs down. Whenever I see a thumbs down rating for a Ray Stevens video I always wonder if the "voter" is rating the video based on it's production values or if the voter is rating it a thumbs down because of the message that's being delivered in the song. 99.9% of the time I'll say the voter is sending a political message with their thumbs down rating. Probably .1% of the thumbs down votes are made by the aesthetic crowd who have no political affiliation one way or the other.

The fact that 75 people don't like the video makes me think that they're clueless about what's going on with the nation's economy and they're oblivious to the European socialist model that the President holds close to his heart. Now, obviously, 75 is a minority when compared to the 1,670 that like the video. It gives a person the ability to see that no matter what the President does or has in store that there will be people who won't wake up from the delirium of 2008's election cycle and will show their support for him no matter what. Even when it ultimately costs these people more and more of their liberty and freedom they'll still support him. It's those people who the country should be fearing and be alerted by...it isn't any member of a Tea Party or any conservative and certainly it isn't Fox News.

How are Ray's other music videos doing? They're continuing to rack up views on a consistent basis. "Come to the USA" continues to lead the pack. It's been seen on-line by 5,339,678 people since May 2010. "We The People", debuting in December 2009, is next in line with 4,442,722. "Mississippi Squirrel Revival" has 1,226,949 views and following this is "Osama Yo' Mama" with 1,117,408. Rounding out the Top-5 videos is "The Streak" with 1,078,522 views.

One of the things that I wonder about is if Ray will release another music video centering on a song from Spirit of '76 or will he hold off until sometime late in the year when the 2012 election season officially kicks off? A lot of candidates have made their Presidential run official but the meat of the election season doesn't really get underway until late in the preceding year of an election and then by the summer of an election year things really get intense. I look for the President to start officially running for re-election in December 2011...although a lot of us feel that he's been in campaign mode ever since he took office because he's always patting himself on the back and bringing up the memories of the previous Administration and saying how better off we all are since he's been President. It's comical, I know, but he truly believes it.

22 years ago yesterday on July 10, 1989 marked a sad day in the animation world as it lost Mel Blanc at the age of 81. I wrote a lengthy salute/tribute to him in my off-topic Animated blog page yesterday. I didn't do a full-blown life story or anything but I did highlight some of the things he did in his career. The title of the blog entry is called "Remembering Mel Blanc" and it can be found when you click here. Why am I mentioning this on a Ray Stevens blog page!? Ray often remarked that one of the comedians he was raised listening to was Jack Benny. Mel was a part of Jack's supporting cast. Mel was also the voice of a lot of Warner Brothers cartoon characters...and he made children's comedy records for Capitol in the '40s, '50s, and '60s.

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