October 14, 2010

Expressing the Ray Stevens fandom!!

With Ray Stevens being so busy in Branson, Missouri for a few more weeks I've actually decided to write a blog that simply celebrates the Ray Stevens fandom with pictures of some of my Ray Stevens items! I tend to write these blogs for those who are new to his material and want to see what he's all about. Perhaps someone discovers a song by Ray from the 1970's and may want to learn about it? Well, after that person checks Ray's own web-site for information I hope they also find this blog helpful, too. These blogs about Ray, from a fan's perspective, are also here for die-hard fans who like to read the opinion and or commentary from another Ray-fan. Of course, this Ray Stevens blog is also for those who keep up with Ray on a fairly frequent basis and pay attention to his latest projects. If you happen to be one of the ones that pay attention and keep up with Ray then that's wonderful! If you stop by just to read my quirky commentary and read about Ray Stevens songs then that's wonderful, too!

As most of you are aware, this is the latest CD from Ray Stevens. It's a CD and DVD collection...it opens up like a typical DVD would only that there's a CD in addition to the DVD inside. The CD/DVD became available in the spring of this year exclusively at Ray's web-site store. It was released nationally in June of this year and there have been a series of music videos stretching back to December 2009 that follow a similar theme of politics and patriotism. Those music videos are featured on the DVD extra...they can easily be seen on You Tube as well. I still feel that there are several more songs on this collection that deserve music video treatment: "We Are the Government", "Solar Powered Song", and "Obama Nation". There will be a DVD of his concert footage from Branson, Missouri as most of you regulars know...and as soon as Ray announces it's release date of course I'll make a big deal about it here! I predict it'll be available for the holiday season without a doubt.

I checked Amazon a few minutes ago and they have A Funny Thing Happened in Church Today listed among the available CD's even though for awhile it wasn't listed among those available. It states that the CD is available but alerts customers that "there are only 3 copies left in stock...order soon...more on the way." So, judging by that, my theory that there wasn't enough copies seems to prove accurate. As of now there isn't an Mp3 digital version and so those who purchase the collection must get the physical CD. Another theory is with Mp3's pretty much replacing the physical CD there's going to come a time where on-line stores aren't going to offer physical CD's and everything's going to be digital when it comes to music. I know that it may sound strange or bizarre to some out there but people still purchase actual CD's. I still purchase CD's at times. I purchase vinyl albums and vinyl singles as well. I'm not an avid buyer of vinyl albums, though. As many could guess the only vinyl albums and singles that I have are Ray Stevens, obviously, and a few other singers...but Ray's material greatly out-numbers other artists that I like listening to.

One For the Road, a CD that Ray released during the middle of 2009, is a CD that I've written about in my archives. I remember being very antsy and excited when I learned of this CD being upcoming and then the dismay of learning that the Pilot truck stops would have exclusive rights to the CD for a few months. There are a couple of those truck stops in my area but none of them carried the CD. So, like a lot of people, I waited until the CD became available at Ray's web-site store and across the internet. The CD, for those not aware, features quite a list of songs. Several of them are aimed at truckers and others are not. Some songs are simply about loneliness or escapades while out on the road such as the wild "Bon Temps Roulette". There's a very good ballad entitled "Hangin' Around" which is superb. I also love "Retired", "Cooter Brown", "The Right Reverend Road Hog McGraw", and especially "Convoy". The CD kicks off with the majestic, melancholy "Concrete Sailor" and I swear you'll be able to see the song play out in your head when listening to it...much like on "Convoy"!

You Tube at a glance...his Greatest...

1. We The People: 3,725,657 hits.

2. Come to the USA: 4,139,628 hits.

The current music video, "God Save Arizona", is sitting at 458,034 hits. "Throw the Bums Out!" enjoys 544,875 You Tube hits. A music video uploaded onto You Tube in 2009 but originating in 2001, "Osama Yo' Mama", is sitting at 649,409 hits. It was around this time 9 years ago that the Osama single was released. I believe the actual release was in November of 2001. It was a top selling single for Ray throughout the rest of 2001 and into early 2002. The album of the same name reached the Country Top-30 in early 2002 and the single was certified Gold. It's b-side was his version of "United We Stand". Doing the math 2011 will mark the 10th anniversary of that single's debut along with the 10th anniversary of 9/11 obviously.

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