October 27, 2010

Ray Stevens and the Government...

One of the funniest songs on the Ray Stevens CD, We The People, is "We Are the Government". I've written about the song before but I felt like spotlighting the song one more time less than a week before election day. It's one of the songs that I hope, hope, hope becomes a music video at some point. Although a lot of it's bite is directed at the current Congress it's still a funny song...and the facts remain that the current Congress will continue to be in office through January 2011.

If things haven't changed the newly elected members will be sworn in on January 3, 2011 and based upon what happens this coming Tuesday there will either be a whole lot of new additions or quite a few new additions. I'm not a predictor but common sense says that the national mood comes across as annoyed and bitter over what's taken place over the last 2 years or so from the members of Congress. It's ironic that it took a lesson in 12th grade Government, on a national level mind you, to open people's eyes to the radical policies set forth by the President and his party leaders in Congress and the blatant abuses of the Constitution that accelerated when the President took office.

"We Are the Government" goes a long way at describing the aftermath of a far-reaching Federal Government. Of course the song is all based on opinion and assumption but common sense would indicate that the song is right on target. You can check the song out on his We The People CD. The song is also available as a digital download for 99 cents at Amazon...and hopefully it'll be a music video one day!

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