October 12, 2010

Ray Stevens heads to Church...

Today marks the nationwide release of a Ray Stevens compilation entitled A Funny Thing Happened in Church Today, a CD of songs aimed at religion, church, and all things gospel. Down through the years the church has played a part in several of his comical recordings and quite a few of them have made their way onto this collection. This isn't a wall-to-wall laugh fest, though. There are a couple of serious songs along the way, too.

This particular collection had been available only at Ray's web-site store for the last several months but today marks it's release to a wider market. I look for this particular CD to become a best-seller as time goes by because it features songs you normally don't see on a lot of the various Ray Stevens compilations that seem to appear from out of nowhere.

1. The Mississippi Squirrel Revival (Buddy and Carlene Kalb)
2. Sittin' Up With The Dead (Buddy Kalb)
3. Smokey Mountain, Rattlesnake Retreat (Buddy Kalb)
4. Sunday Morning (Buddy Kalb)
5. The Dooright Family
6. Right Reverend Roadhog McGraw (Brent Baxter, Matt Cline, and Anthony Orio)
7. Turn Your Radio On (Albert E. Brumley)
8. Everything Is Beautiful
9. Mama Sang Bass (Carl Perkins and Luther Crabb)
10. When The Saints Go Marching In (Traditional)
11. St James Infirmary/Just A Closer Walk With Thee (Irving Mills, song 1; Traditional, song 2)
12. If Ten Percent Is Good Enough For Jesus (Hal Coleman, Ken Gibbons, and Roger Searcy)

Amazon has the songwriter credits all messed up for this CD. They have Ray listed as a co-writer on every song and they leave off other songwriter's names. The songs that Ray actually had a hand at writing or co-writing on this CD is "The Dooright Family" and "Everything Is Beautiful"...that's it! I added the correct songwriter credits in parenthesis after the song's title.

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