October 5, 2010

Ray Stevens: Video Single Success, Part 2...

Hello all the Ray Stevens fans out there! There have been a couple of new write-up's on Ray Stevens published over the last several days since my last blog entry. As I had assumed, there have certainly been a good number of write-up's on Ray Stevens since his return to Branson, Missouri last month. A few of those began to trickle out late last month and a couple more have since emerged. On Ray's Facebook page he's added some news about how they'll be taping segments of his concert for an upcoming DVD and he's added a picture of himself and his associates on their way from Branson to Nashville during a break in the concert performances. One of the write-up's is about an upcoming CD of songs set in church or songs with a religious overtone. The CD is called A Funny Thing Happened In Church Today and it's lead-off track is "Mississippi Squirrel Revival". The CD's picture sleeve of Ray is taken from the 1992 music video of that song where he's standing in front of the First Self-Righteous Church. The CD is a compilation of material, as mentioned, which either take place in a church or have a religious overtone. You can read about the latest happenings in the news section of Ray's web-site located here...

Ray Stevens News

Ray's anti illegal immigration music video, "Come to the USA", continues on it's amazing climb. The hit count on You Tube for this music video is currently resting at 4,061,587. Less than a day ago the music video had 4,050,000 hits meaning that over 10,000 additional hits have been achieved for the video. The thing is the music video is 4 months old...and the fact that it's still pulling in those kinds of numbers is phenomenal. Now, of course, we can't forget the music video that started this You Tube success: "We The People" is steadily climbing all these months later...the recent tally is 3,689,970 hits. This music video's been available on You Tube for 9 months now. Time flies!!!

His current music video, "God Save Arizona", is sitting at 434,159 hits. It's been available on You Tube for just 2 months and I predict the hit count to go past half a million by the end of October. "Throw the Bums Out!" has already reached that half a million mark as it currently sits at 529,923 hits. Another music video, "Osama Yo' Mama", is sitting at 628,642...this video was uploaded on You Tube by Ray a year ago but the actual video had been available on DVD and home video since 2002. His 1992 music video of "Mississippi Squirrel Revival" has gotten 502,430 You Tube hits. "The Streak", also taped during that same era, has gotten 395,349 hits. When Ray started his You Tube channel they uploaded 7 of the 8 music videos that were featured on Comedy Video Classics, a 1992 home video collection that sold millions of copies through television commercials and magazine advertisements. Interestingly, the music video not uploaded on You Tube was "Help Me Make It Through the Night".

His salute to the military, "Thank You", has gotten 260,071 hits while the Sarah Palin song, "Caribou Barbie", has received 270,209 hits. So far the only music video associated with his 22-song We The People collection to not crack the 100,000 mark is "The Global Warming Song" which is sitting at 56,739 hits.

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