October 11, 2010

Ray Stevens: Video Single Success, Part 3...

"Come to the USA" continues to rack up the You Tube hits!! As of right now it's gotten 4,112,864 hits since May of this year. There's been something of a resurgence in the hit count of "We The People" as it's now sitting at 3,712,273 hits and it looks as if that music video will eventually cross the four million mark! "Throw the Bums Out!" is already beyond half a million You Tube hits...it's sitting at 539,727 hits. His current music video, "God Save Arizona", is resting at 449,794 hits. Yes...it's nearing half a million hits...and with his concert series being a smashing success in Branson, Missouri's Welk Theater look for this music video to reach half a million perhaps in a matter of weeks going by the pace it's currently in.

Obviously with material centered around politics and social issues it's not only the Ray Stevens fans who are talking about him but it's others who are either surprised but enjoy the political shift or it's at the opposite extreme from those who are not only surprised but are irritated by the political messages. It's not a big secret, though, that any negative feedback he's gotten is dwarfed by the positive feedback he's gotten. The negative comments on message boards and other forums are the kind that tend to get the most attention because of how combative and insulting in nature those kinds of comments are but in reality the majority agree with Ray's political direction and the messages in the songs.

Ray's current concerts are split up into two parts: political/patriotic and classics. This means that the first half of the show concentrates on his political songs and the pro-America and pro-military songs he's recorded and the second half of the show focuses on his classics from the '60s, '70s, and '80s and these would be the songs that the general public, who may not pay a lot of attention to the latest happenings in Ray's career, will be more familiar with. Even so, Ray has commented that he feels his success on You Tube with his music videos over the course of the last 9 months is a big reason why people are showing up at his concerts today.

Someone in the blogosphere remarked that the average age demographic of Ray's concert series is post 50...of course this must have been a sarcastic reference to an older generation that populate a lot of the venues in Branson, Missouri but there have actually been pictures surface of his audience make-up and I saw quite a few young people there. When I saw him in concert there were a lot of younger people there and middle aged people in addition to the over 50 crowd. I truly believe that Ray's music transcends age and all a person needs to do is give it a chance and once they do they'll be hooked for life.

I've not come across any reviews or any blogs that gave much of a line-up of what he sings and I think a lot of this is due to how fast the show goes by. I'd seen some commentary by those who've attended his Welk concerts and they've said that the show flies by. I have no reason to not believe such a statement because in the two times I'd seen him in concert the show flew by super quick! When I saw him he did a 90 minute concert...lots and lots of comedy and joke telling took place. This was well before We The People came along and so he was not thought of as a political entertainer and he wasn't openly associated with any political party as he is now.

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