December 14, 2010

Let's Discuss Ray Stevens, Part 19...

In my previous blog I left a URL link to Bob Edwards' web-site and told everyone about a slide-show to look at. Ray's web-page uploaded a 2-part interview that took place yesterday. In the pictures from the slide-show we saw images of the two, in addition to those in the technical staff, standing at microphones in Ray's recording studio. The 2-part interview is available in the News section of Ray's web-site. When you click the link the first item, as of December 14th, will be a promo for Ray's magazine interview with the publication The Direct Buzz. Below this you'll see the audio link to Ray's interview with Bob Edwards. You'll need to click "Interview Part 1" in order for the audio to start playing. The first part is a little over 15 minutes and the second part is a little over 11 minutes. Ray talks about his career and snippets of his songs are played throughout the commercial free interview.

In the Direct Buzz interview it's in the form of an actual magazine. It's a brief Q&A centered around Christmas but it includes a career write-up, images of his two Christmas CD's, and a video link to "Nightmare Before Christmas". Attempting to describe how to navigate through the web-page would be too confusing but I assume everyone who clicks the link will be able to figure out how to navigate the site and have no issues. The article begins on page 9 and continues briefly on page 10. To enlarge the article simply left may need reduced in size afterward and you can do this by clicking the minus sign up at the top of the page.

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