December 13, 2010

Ray Stevens and the Government, Part 3...

"I'm tired of ObamaCare being called health-care reform. It's nothing like reform at all. It's more like TRANSform. The ObamaCare law transformed an entire health care system that simply needed tinkered with into a massive big Government, socialistic-style system that the people didn't want or need. Slowly but surely people are waking up to the harsh realities that will be mandated onto them by 2014 all in the name of 'social justice' and wealth re-distribution."

I thought of that a few minutes ago and left a much shorter, rough-draft of it on Yahoo in some comment section of a news article I was reading. The article was about the latest Judicial decision to strike down ObamaCare.

Ray's Anti-ObamaCare song/video, "We The People", is closely reaching the 4,000,000 hits mark. When this happens this will give Ray two music videos on You Tube with at least four million hits. As of this writing the music video is sitting at 3,984,442 hits. The other music video, "Come to the USA", has gotten 4,597,742 hits. "Come to the USA" holds the distinction of reaching the four million mark first, obviously, and it also created quite a bit of did his other politically-themed music videos.

As I touched upon in other blogs, a lot of the complaints and controversial aspects were ginned up by antagonistic liberal bloggers who deliberately planted inflammatory comments on message boards, on conservative blogs, and on social network sites like Twitter. Those who oppose Ray's political material were trying to make it look like he was singing to a small group of listeners...marginalizing the impact that his music videos were having all over the internet. I assume a lot of those hate blogs are still around if one searches archives for specific entries...but a lot of those johnny-come-lately blogs may have been deleted once their goal to agitate people was either met or not.

"Throw the Bums Out!", a sentiment that rang true during the November 2010 mid-term elections, is sitting at 629,368 hits on You Tube. A much more serious video, "God Save Arizona", is sitting at 571,031 hits. This particular video, for those who've still not watched it, deals with the Federal Government's lawsuit against the State of Arizona over the illegal immigration law.

Meanwhile, there's a blow-out sale going on this month at the Ray Stevens web-site shopping store with regards to the fabulous T-shirts that have been available during the last several months. The T-shirts that usually sell for $20.00 are now on sale for just $8.00! The shirts are top quality...I personally own one of the various T-shirts and so I suspect the other T-shirts are made with top quality material, too. The information about the T-shirt blow-out sale is located at Ray's web-site store here. There's two versions of the features his image standing in front of the flag, which is what I prefer, and then there's one that just shows the American flag minus his image. There are other items currently available at their regular price including an alternative version of the T-shirt that shows a different image of Ray in front the flag with the phrase "We The People Have Awakened!" on front. That T-shirt, incidentally, is the one that I own. It was the first T-shirt made available...I will soon purchase the "Great Awakening Tour" T-shirt as can't beat the $8.00 on sale price! The image of Ray on the $8.00 T-shirt, of course, is the same one that appears on the We The People CD.

I came across a web-page today that offers commentary about Ray and his daughter, Suzi, and it includes a slide-show as well. It's located at Bob Edwards web-site and you get there by clicking his name. There's a particular picture that shows Ray standing in front of a wall lined with booklets of sheet music that had been issued on his various recordings through the years. I'm familiar with most of them but a couple were new to my eyes.

Ray's current music video on You Tube, "Nightmare Before Christmas", has enjoyed 56,128 hits so far. The video typically has gotten anywhere between 3,000 to 4,000 or so hits every few days. Will it crack 100,000 hits by Christmas? It's hard to tell...what needs to happen are a lot of blogs across the country need to embed it or give links to the official video through social network sites in an effort to spread it around even more than it's been. 56,128 is good but it could be even more higher. The song skewers political correctness and for those who, like a lot of us, feel that political correctness is nothing more than flat-out censorship you'll love this song/video. The Christmas CD that the song comes from, Christmas Through a Different Window, features other songs aimed at political correctness as well and this is the one that emerged as a music video...

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