December 12, 2010

My Modest Ray Stevens 45's Collection...

(This is one of my favorite pictures of Ray Stevens!!)

1963: Speed Ball/It's Party Time
1964: Bubble Gum the Bubble Dancer/Laughing Over My Grave
1968: Mr. Businessman/Face the Music
1970: America, Communicate With Me/Monkey See, Monkey Do
1973: Love Me Longer/Float
1974: The Streak/You've Got the Music Inside
1974: Everybody Needs a Rainbow/Inside
1975: Young Love/Deep Purple
1976: You Are So Beautiful/One Man Band
1978: Be Your Own Best Friend/With a Smile
1979: I Need Your Help, Barry Manilow/Daydream Romance
1980: Night Games/Let's Do It Right This Time
1981: Everything Is Beautiful/Gitarzan (Gold Standard RCA series)
1982: Where the Sun Don't Shine/Why Don't We Go Somewhere and Love
1983: Piece of Paradise Called Tennessee/Mary Lou Nights
1983: My Dad/Game Show Love
1983: Love Will Beat Your Brains Out/Game Show Love
1984: My Dad/Me
1985: The Haircut Song/Punk Country Love
1987: Would Jesus Wear a Rolex/Cool Down, Willard
1989: I Saw Elvis in a UFO/I Used To Be Crazy

As you can tell the collection is very small. I hadn't bought anything off eBay in a period of years and that's where I bought several of the singles that I own. Much of the singles were for sale through Ray's fan club which is no longer in existence. The fan club shut down in 2002 after a run of 15 years in operation. I was a member of the fan club during the last 7 years. Meanwhile, there are still 45's for sale on eBay all the time. I have a lot more vinyl albums, cassette tapes, and CD's of Ray Stevens than I do 45 singles...but they're too numerous to mention.

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