December 24, 2010

My Modest Ray Stevens Mp3 collection...

When it comes to Mp3's I actually don't have too many. I uploaded almost all of my Ray Stevens CD's onto my computer's music program but I don't count those as Mp3's because I didn't officially purchase them as Mp3 digital downloads. I purchased that music on CD and then uploaded the songs onto my computer. However, there are a few digital downloads of Ray Stevens that I purchased exclusively as Mp3's and those are...

2007: Ruby Falls
2008: Hurricane
2008: Hey Bubba, Watch This!
2008: Bubba, the Wine Connoisseur
2008: The Cure
2008: Sucking Sound
2008: Rub It In
2008: Down Home Beach
2009: Concrete Sailor**

**- "Concrete Sailor" was available as a free digital download in early 2009 from Ray's web-site. It's the lead-off track on Ray's trucker-themed CD, One For the Road, so technically I didn't purchase that Mp3 since it was free. I've since purchased the physical copy of that CD, though.

Ray issued a comical version of "Blue Christmas" around the same time his "We The People" music video hit it big on You Tube. The comical version had been done previously by the fictional group, Seymour Swine and the Squealers, and Ray commented that he'd known of that version for awhile but on the spur of the moment decided he wanted to record the song the same way. The stuttering version of "Blue Christmas" was issued as part of a special EP collection available on-line. You can purchase the EP which consists of just three songs: "White Christmas", in which Ray demonstrates his love of R&B; the stuttering version of "Blue Christmas"; and the Ray Stevens original "Deck The Halls With Teardrops". The EP is available at Amazon and it shows November 25, 2009 as it's release date.

He recorded the traditional version of "Blue Christmas" on his non-comical CD, Ray Stevens Christmas. This CD was not heavily promoted because "We The People" and it's million hit You Tube success wiped out all interest and attention that normally would have been given to a seasonal project in December. I gave the CD a lot of attention but there's only so much one blogger can do. I assumed this season Ray would delve into the non-comical Christmas CD but instead of pushing/hyping that particular CD Ray decided to put together a comical music video of "Nightmare Before Christmas" which was included on his 1997 comical Christmas CD, Christmas Through a Different Window.

Later, a special offer at Ray's web-store was available which combined the 1997 and 2009 Christmas CD's and added a bonus DVD of "Nightmare Before Christmas".

As of this writing the music video has gotten 76,256 You Tube's been available now for almost 2 months. The actual upload date was November 3, 2010 and January 3, 2011 will make 2 months. The new Congress is sworn in during the month of January and given that Ray commented a few weeks ago that he's got a lot of new political songs he'll be recording I assume 2011 will involve a lot more topical/political material but that's anyone's guess.

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