December 22, 2010

My Modest Ray Stevens CD and Video collection...

I can't speak for everyone but I'm sure there were some people out there that resisted buying CD's for the longest time. I know that at one time CD's were costly...each time an artist put out something new it would be issued on cassette and CD format. The most expensive of the two was the CD version. As a consequence I typically stuck with cassette tape. In my previous blog I listed the vinyl and cassette Ray Stevens products that I own...this time around I'm highlighting the CD's and music videos. Given how CD's became quite abundant in the '90s and beyond I ended up purchasing a lot of compilation CD's on Ray Stevens because most of my collection is on vinyl and cassette...but I needed CD versions of those songs so I could play the music on the CD player in my car. Slowly but surely I built up a CD collection of Ray Stevens material. Later on I began uploading the music onto my computer's music program.

Here now is a list of the CD's by Ray Stevens that I own...

1990: Lend Me Your Ears (re-issued on CD in 2005)
1991: #1 With a Bullet (re-issued on CD in 2005)
1992: At His Best (re-issue of 1989's Beside Myself)
1992: Collector's Series (RCA re-issue of 1987 compilation)
1992: Mississippi Squirrel Revival (re-issue of 1984's He Thinks He's Ray Stevens)
1993: Classic Ray Stevens
1995: Cornball
1995: The Incredible World of Ray Stevens (3-CD's; features 1987 album, Crackin' Up)
1995: 20 Comedy Hits (Curb Records compilation)
1996: All-Time Hits (Mercury release; features 3 additional tracks not found on cassette)
1996: Even Stevens (re-issue of 1968 album with 4 bonus tracks)
1996: Gitarzan (re-issue of 1969 album with 3 bonus tracks from 1970 and 1974)
1997: The Best of Ray Stevens (Rhino compilation)
1998: The Country Hits Collection (Varese Sarabande compilation)
1999: The Last Laugh (RCA/BMG compilation release)
2001: All-Time Greatest Hits (Varese Sarabande compilation)
2002: 12 Hits (Varese Sarabande compilation)
2002: Osama Yo' Mama
2004: Thank You
2004: The Ones You Want (Clyde Records compilation)
2004: The Millennium Collection (MCA release)
2005: The New Battle of New Orleans (Curb CD single)
2005: Nashville / Boogity-Boogity (2-LP on 1 CD; Collectables Records)
2005: Everything Is Beautiful / Unreal (2-LP on 1 CD; Collectables Records)
2005: Misty / Turn Your Radio On (2-LP on 1 CD; Collectables Records)
2005: Box Set (Ray re-recorded his classic hits for this collection)
2008: Laughter Is the Best Medicine (Clyde Records compilation)
2008: Greatest Hits: 50th Anniversary (Curb release)
2008: Ray Stevens Sings Sinatra...Say What!??! (Curb distributed this in 2009)
2009: One For the Road
2009: Ray Stevens Christmas (Non-comical Christmas songs)
2010: We The People

Here now is a list of the home videos and DVD's by Ray Stevens in my collection...

1992: Amazing Rolling Revue (a home video of comedy sketches and songs)
1992: Comedy Video Classics (home video and DVD)
1993: Ray Stevens Live! (home video)
1993: More Ray Stevens Live! (home video)
1995: Get Serious! (home video)
1995: Ray Stevens Made a Movie?? Get Serious!! (behind-the-scenes home video documentary)
2000: Funniest Video Characters (home video)
2003: Cartoon Video Collection (home video)
2004: Complete Comedy Video Collection** (2-DVD collection)
2006: Gourmet Restaurant (5 limited animation music videos; DVD)
2006: Teenage Mutant Kung Fu Chickens (5 limited animation music videos; DVD)

**- The Complete Comedy Video Collection is a 2-DVD set of music videos. The product was originally released in 2003 but my copy is from 2004. The only differences in the 2004 re-release and it's original release in 2003 is the inclusion of "Osama Yo' Mama" as an "extra bonus" music video and the addition of "Power Tools" in place of "Santa Claus Is Watching You" on DVD #1.

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