December 22, 2010

My Modest Ray Stevens LP and Cassette Collection...

A few blog posts ago I listed my "modest 45 RPM collection" of Ray Stevens singles. In this blog I'll accompany that entry with one that lists my vinyl and cassette collection of Ray Stevens material. I feel that breaking things down into vinyl and cassette format will be a bit more easily digested by the various visitors who stop by here. I also have Ray Stevens on CD, video, DVD, and Mp3, too, and I might make a list of those items as well at some point. The reason I do this is because it dawned on me that after 2 and a half years of writing this fan-created blog page that I've never really spoke much about my own personal collection of Ray Stevens items. I've mostly spent time talking/writing about Ray's career, his music, and the critics, etc etc. and not much time on my collections.

The following is a list of vinyl LP's by Ray Stevens that I own...

1963: This Is Ray Stevens
1968: Even Stevens
1969: Gitarzan
1969: Have a Little Talk With Myself
1970: Everything Is Beautiful
1970: Unreal
1971: Greatest Hits
1971: The Rock and Roll Show (Mercury Records compilation)
1972: Turn Your Radio On
1973: Nashville
1973: Losin' Streak
1974: Boogity-Boogity
1975: Misty
1975: The Very Best of Ray Stevens
1976: Just For the Record
1977: Feel the Music
1978: There Is Something On Your Mind
1978: Be Your Own Best Friend
1979: The Feeling's Not Right Again
1980: Shriner's Convention
1981: One More Last Chance
1982: Don't Laugh Now
1983: Me
1985: I Have Returned
1986: Surely You Joust
1987: Crackin' Up
1987: Greatest Hits, Volume Two
1987: Get The Best of Ray Stevens
1988: I Never Made a Record I Didn't Like

I have a military program called "Here's To Vets" which featured Ray as a special guest on one of their episodes. The episode, dating back to 1973, was transferred onto vinyl as a lot of radio programs were. In the episode the host discusses the military and the war plus it includes comments from Ray about the military as well. Several of his songs are played throughout the program.

The following is a list of cassette tapes by Ray Stevens that I own...

1970: The Best of Ray Stevens (Mercury Records; 1987 re-issue)
1974: Boogity-Boogity
1980: Shriner's Convention
1983: Greatest Hits (RCA release)
1984: He Thinks He's Ray Stevens
1985: I Have Returned
1985: Collector's Series (RCA release)
1986: Surely You Joust
1987: Greatest Hits (MCA release)
1987: Crackin' Up
1987: Greatest Hits, Volume Two (MCA release)
1988: I Never Made a Record I Didn't Like
1989: Beside Myself
1989: Funny Man (Mercury compilation)
1990: His All-Time Greatest Comic Hits (Curb release)
1990: Lend Me Your Ears
1991: #1 With a Bullet
1991: Greatest Hits (Curb release)
1993: Classic Ray Stevens (new recordings in spite of it's title)
1993: Ray Stevens Live! (soundtrack of the home video of the same name)
1995: Get Serious! (soundtrack of the home video movie)
1995: Cornball** (1976, 1977, 1978, and 1979)
1995: The Serious Side of Ray Stevens** (1976, 1977, and 1978)
1995: Do You Wanna Dance?** (1976, 1977, and 1978)
1996: Great Gospel Songs (Curb release of early '70s gospel material)
1996: All-Time Hits (Mercury compilation)
1997: Hum It
1997: Christmas Through a Different Window
2000: Ear Candy
2002: Osama Yo' Mama

**- These releases in 1995 were by Warner Brothers. Never before and never since has there been an overview of his Warner Brothers material quite like those three 1995 collections.

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