September 2, 2010

In Defense of Ray Stevens...

Good mid-morning all you Ray Stevens fans! I've got a more serious in nature blog entry today and it's all about dissecting the blogosphere and coming to the defense of Ray Stevens. I'm certain that most of you are like I am and feel that Ray doesn't really need any defending...his political music videos speak for themselves with the millions of hits they've acquired on You Tube. However, there's a thing called disrespect and then there's a thing called complete and utter rudeness which are two glaring character traits by those who profess to be the spokespeople for the liberal left and progressives. The absolute egotism at play is quite evident if one were to look at blogs as well as news articles derived from an opinionated blog and passed along as legitimate news. I'll never really come to any understanding as to why some people out there take it upon themselves to bash Ray Stevens in more ways than one. First off there's the sarcastic bloggers out there who play up Ray's career in a sort of glib way before turning the mood almost 100% to the opposite and bashing the artist. Secondly there's the blogs that take no prisoners and are in your face with hatred and contempt for those who pose some sort of social and political threat. Ray Stevens over the course of the last year and a half has found his way into those kinds of blogs, too.

The bottom line with those kinds of blogs is simply to get some readers riled up...which in turn strokes the ego of whoever wrote the bashing article. There's also the smug blogs...those that dress their blog up as if it's all-knowing only to unknowingly let their ignorance shine through within the context of the blog. I've come across several of these smug blogs that take delight in ripping apart Ray Stevens but not know much about him...only that he's recorded material that the Tea Party and the conservatives appreciate. Some actually want to give their smug blogs some credibility and name drop a few Ray Stevens songs to make it look as if they've did their homework...but we can see right through it. Also, smug blogs tend to go for the jugular and ridicule not only the subject matter, Ray Stevens in this case, but also condemn and make fun of those who agree with his political material...a common tactic for smug bloggers is to marginalize the majority opinion and write it off as "rantings of extremists". If truth be known the smug blogger holds an opinion which isn't in the majority...and the smug blogger knows this...but that doesn't stop the blogger from trying their hardest to convince the readers otherwise.

A perfect example of smug bloggers are those who question the mental state of those who want smaller Government and question the mental state of those who'd give Ray Stevens music videos on You Tube the time of day. Numerous times you'll come across smug bloggers question why "We The People" or "Come to the USA" have both exceeded three million hits on You Tube. In the mind of a smug blogger, and in the minds of those the blogger hopes to find common ground with, they think it's a travesty that so many people love those music videos...more importantly they think it horrible that a majority of the people love the view points expressed in those videos. When liberals and progressives see a majority trending conservative and Tea Party it freaks them out...and instead of accepting the reality of the situation the liberals and their allies want to create an alternate reality of blaming former Republican Presidents and current Republicans in Congress for the problems facing the country...when the Democrats are who control Congress and the White House. It doesn't get any more clearer than that. We The People know who's to isn't a former's the ones currently in power.

Lastly, another style of blogger is what I call the parrot blogger. These kinds of bloggers don't actually have anything original to say...more or less they swipe commentary written elsewhere and doctor it up as if it's their own idea...some even have the audacity to use the name of the blog they swiped the material from. What are parrot bloggers thinking? Don't they know or care that they come across as copycats? There's some people who say something they feel is cute on Twitter only for it to be picked up and taken over by many others. You all have probably came across commentary on Twitter where the person who wrote the message comes off as God's gift to music critiques. Time and again you'll often see people out of the blue trash talk Ray Stevens...and for what reason? I guess it's because they feel it's the hip thing to do since Ray's "a tea bagger" as they like to put it.

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