September 26, 2010

Let's Discuss Ray Stevens, Part Eleven...

I sure I speak for a vast majority of Ray Stevens fans when I say we don't particularly appreciate those who spew hatred toward him...specifically now that he's become much more vocal about politics. There's just something petty and small that comes off when someone, for example, wants to write off a singer who they've "been a fan of for years" simply because that singer is being politically vocal all of the sudden. Another scenario that's contrived, in my opinion at least, is when people who obviously hadn't paid much attention to Ray Stevens in years or probably decades but yet they're the first ones in line to complain about his political views. There's just something contrived about those kinds of "complaints". You can see it all over the left-leaning blogs and on some Twitter messages from time to time where so-called disgruntled Ray Stevens fans "unite" to share their "frustration" over the political direction of his career. 90% of Ray's fans I believe share his political feelings. There may be some fans who aren't as strongly set in their views as he is but chances are those fans have no issue at all with the message Ray sends out in his string of political music videos.

What does that leave us with? It leaves us with something like 10% of fans who are bitter or disappointed that Ray's political views don't match their own and they can't bring themselves to buy anything from him from now on. These same people shudder at the thought that "this is the same man who gave us Everything Is Beautiful". This last scenario is a ploy by liberals who have no real idea who Ray Stevens is other than he sang a song called "Everything Is Beautiful" and that it sits in contrast, in their opinion anyway, to his views of today. Apparently they want to make the argument that Ray's hypocritical by writing a song like "Everything Is Beautiful" in 1970 but yet 40 years later he's "changed his tune". This sort of thing does nothing but bait people into arguing which is something liberals and progressives enjoy doing a lot judging by their intolerance when it comes to what they consider political incorrectness. Is there anything out there more stupid than political correctness? That's a topic for another day, though. While the progressive liberals want to argue and call people names all day long how about us Ray Stevens fans continue to ignore those kind of people and enjoy all the music that he's given us for decades.

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