September 4, 2010

Ray Stevens and those Music Video Hits...

"God Save Arizona" is currently sitting at 183,920 hits on You Tube. The video has officially been available for 1 month...except for several days when it was off-line. It looks to top the 200,000 mark relatively's 16,080 hits away from reaching that milestone. Currently this video is the 9th most popular among the music video uploads that Ray has issued on You Tube. I suspect the ranking will go higher as it gets more hits. Here's an overview of his music video hit list along with their most up to date hit bold print are the music videos released on You Tube within the last 9 months...

1. Come to the USA: 3,598,135 hits
2. We The People: 3,531,156 hits
3. Osama Yo' Mama: 529,077 hits
4. Throw the Bums Out!: 451,234 hits
5. The Mississippi Squirrel Revival: 421,579 hits
6. The Streak: 321,879 hits
7. Caribou Barbie: 231,333 hits
8. Thank You: 229,296 hits
9. God Save Arizona: 183,920 hits
10. Jeremiah Peabody's Green and Purple Pills: 135,987 hits
11. Everything Is Beautiful: 131,018 hits
12. Teenage Mutant Kung Fu Chickens: 95,412 hits
13. Shriner's Convention: 63,217 hits
14. Ahab the Arab: 58,983 hits
15. The Global Warming Song: 46,253 hits
16. It's Me Again, Margaret: 42,663 hits
17. Santa Claus Is Watching You: 41,559 hits
18. Sittin' Up With the Dead: 36,534 hits
19. Misty: 31,302 hits

A 20th upload is the television commercial for Ray's We The People collection. The commercial has 44,843 hits so far.

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