September 30, 2010

Ray Stevens...Hot as an Arizona desert!!!

There's been a flurry of news/write-up's on Ray Stevens over the last day and a half it seems like. On September 29th Ray's web-site updated it's news section to provide information about the success in Branson, Missouri at the Welk Theater. Today they added a new article writing up the phenomenal success his music videos on You Tube have been experiencing. To date, all of his music videos have tallied over 10,000,000 hits. Two of those videos, "Come to the USA" and "We The People", account for a good chunk of that grand total which will always be ever changing. You can read those news articles from the 29th and 30th of September in the "What's New" section at his official web-site located here...

Ray Stevens News

A second write-up/interview with a local Missouri newspaper called The Joplin Globe was issued today...details in the link below...

Jopling Globe Ray Stevens write-up

By Dave Woods, New media and marketing manager

The Joplin Globe

Thursday Sep 30, 2010, 12:21 PM CDT


The full article/interview, as I mentioned, is located within in the URL link above. It's a lengthy article and one I didn't want to paste and copy in this blog so check it out for yourselves. Among other things, Ray gives his opinions about political correctness and the way the phrase politically incorrect is abused with reckless abandon. Although I'm sure Ray feels like he shouldn't have to defend any song that he's written and or recorded and I'm sure a lot of us fans also feel that Ray doesn't have to defend any of his songs...but it's still great to see Ray speak up for his songs, particularly those certain songs that get clobbered by the political correct advocates of today...advocates who I say instinctively look to stir up trouble and create hostility where there ordinarily wouldn't be any.

There's just a slight correction needed that I'd like to point out about the interview...a couple more gospel songs became hits as well: "A Mama and a Papa" and "All My Trials" became Top-10 hits on the Adult-Contemporary chart in the summer and fall of 1971 but since the chart isn't considered what they call a "main chart" and instead is seen as secondary, it's long been common practice to quote the chart placings on the main charts instead of the secondary ones. "Turn Your Radio On" reached the Country Top-20 in early 1972.

The latest music video released a month ago, "God Save Arizona", is sitting at 416,041 hits. A month generally breaks down to 4 or 4 and a half weeks...on country radio, for example, 4 weeks is considered relatively brand new because music charts are published weekly. On You Tube, though, 4 weeks can be considered quite lengthy depending on who you ask due to the fact that a music video gets hits at all times of the day and night and the hits that music videos or any video upload obtains are generated by hundreds of people on their computer day after day after day, etc. etc.

Just like in the old days where sales of singles pretty much dictated which songs got the most airplay on radio this same kind of thing is happening on You Tube where the more hits a video gets in a relatively short amount of time dictates just how popular the video is with video watchers. His previous music video, "The Global Warming Song", was issued 3 months ago and it's gotten 55,699 hits so far. Now, compare that to the 416,041 hits of "God Save Arizona" issued just a month ago. The timing, of course, means a whole lot as well. Global warming really isn't a high priority or a hot topic in the news even though it's a subject matter a lot of people have an opinion on. The music video most surely will get more hits as time goes by particularly if global warming becomes some sort of rabid obsession with people. Still, it's a funny music video and it skewers global warming as only Ray Stevens check the music video out if you hadn't seen it yet. The news banner that runs along the screen is hilarious.

Personal commentary...

I wish that "We Are the Government" were to be made into a music video! The song is on Ray's current We The People CD. Even if the song never becomes a music video I'll continue to champion it and hype it because it's very, very funny. The mid-term elections are coming up in November and with this being the last day of September that leaves just one month, October, before election day rolls around. The song, I think, would strike a chord with the mid-term elections being right around the corner. No matter what happens in November we'll still have the Obama administration at least until January 2013 when I predict he'll have been voted out of office in November 2012. However, even though he'll continue to remain in office through 2012, if the Republicans and conservatives and Tea Party candidates all pull big victories this November the Obama administration will not have the influence as it currently has with a majority of Democrats in Congress. This is why this upcoming mid-term election is crucial at stopping the direction that the Obama policies want to take the country into.

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