September 16, 2010

Let's Discuss Ray Stevens, Part Nine...

It's me again all you Ray Stevens fans! You all know who you are...I'm one of the biggest. A few days ago Ray was mentioned on The O'Reilly Factor once again. This marks the third time this year that one of Ray's music videos has graced the top-rated Fox News program. This time around "God Save Arizona" was highlighted. Previously "Come to the USA" and "We The People" were highlighted. If you all recall, the first time Ray was mentioned on O'Reilly's program it resulted in Ray's web-site crashing. The highlight of "God Save Arizona" worked wonders because over the course of the last several days the music video jumped to 320,017 hits on You Tube. Prior to the O'Reilly highlight the video was in the mid 260,000 range which is still respectable but it goes to show you what exposure on a nationwide television program can do. There was probably hundreds of thousands of people unaware of the video's existence...but not anymore judging by the spike in hits.

The song is still only available as a digital download and physical CD single...there hasn't been any announcements made of any upcoming album that "God Save Arizona" will be part of.

Ray started his month long stay at the Welk Theatre in Branson, Missouri this week. The opening night was yesterday, September 15th. I should say opening day and night since he did two shows show at 2pm and another at 8pm. He'll be doing several dates with two shows a day and other dates with just one show. I posted the concert days and times in a previous blog. You can see the schedule at Ray's web-site in the Tour section or at the Welk Resort web-page in the Theatre section.

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